Advertising brands online.

I have been trying to juggle between school and researching what I should sell online, and I have decided that I want to find brands that I can advertsise online instead. There are a lot of comapnies that advertise brands online, which made me wonder if I will survive in the industry, on the other hand it excites me to know that my challenges are bigger than my shoe size.

I tried to approach small local brands that I can advertise and boy have I been rejected. I am even used to it by now, I am pretty sure that I will throw a party when one company allows me to advertise their brand online (and everyone who reads this will be invited).

I guess they were right when they said starting a businss is not the easiest thing to do, but because I want to eat, breathe and live digital advertsing I will keep pushing untill I get where I want to be. Besides, challenges only makes one stronger, right?

Dear small brands of Johannesburg may I please advertsise your brand?

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