I know why I started.

For months to end I have been on about how I want to run a business of my own, have lots of money and have something fun to do on weekends. However, I do not think I really understood why I wanted all of this. I did not have a life long goal, and a clear direction of the path I want to take, until last night when I was surfing the internet for jobs that will make me travel and pay me.

It hit me then that I want to see the world. This is all I want to do, I want to do business with people from all parts of the world, have foreign dinners with strangers of Kenya, or Zambia. This is why I started. I finally have a motivation to push harder then I thought I was, it gave me motivation that I have finish up that business plan and start being the person I dream to be.

From early days of high school, I knew that my world will not only end in South Africa. I always knew that I need to see what is out there, how other people live and carry themselves. Actually that is how I met my bestfriend in high school. We would sit and dream of chilling somewhere around the world while the rest of the world went to school and some sit indoors and do office admin or something. I knew from then that I need to travel. This why I started. The dream started in the ninth grade.

I might not have 40 years of experience and have clients, but I believe that I do not have to wait until I am forty to have all of that. I believe that I will learn along the way, make good decisions, and big mistakes. Making mistakes and failing is part of the growth, right? It is the storm before the rainbow.

 I have made some progress since my last post, I have found an internship in an advertising agency, I start in May. I have found a company that needs marketing consultation, and have asked me to do it (yay!). This will give me the experience and skills that I need to run my upcoming business. Things are looking good, for now.

This is why I started, to do great things that makes me happy and take my optimistic soul across the boarder.

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