I am done with this adulting.

So… I started work.

I have been going through a lot of adulting phases, which is the confusion phase, the ‘I think I got this’ phase and the ‘no, I want to be 12 again and not worry about life’ phase. growing up and actually acting the part is so hard. I mean, why wasn’t I told that one has to actually pay so much money to have data? I promise I have paid close to R300 just to function on Instagram and watching cats on YouTube.

The other thing is that South Africa is not safe. I know our crime rate is very high, but now that I have to walk home from work at like 6 (it’s actually very dark, because it’s winter), I get so paranoid and creeped out walking on the streets I grew up on. That’s actually very sad.

…but in life we all need to deal with it and just keep going, don’t we?

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